NeuConnect completes first phase of Isle of Grain construction

May 15, 2024

In November, NeuConnect announced the completion of the first phase of UK construction works on the Isle of Grain. NeuConnect contractor Prysmian began Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works on the Isle of Grain in Summer of 2023, and carried out over 12,000 construction hours with sub-contractor HDI (Horizontal Drilling International).
HDD is a trenchless method used to install cables underground without disturbing the surface. The drill enters the ground at one end of the designated bore path, runs parallel to the surface, and exits it at the other end. The cable is then pulled through the borehole. NeuConnect is using HDD for a short distance at the landfall site, where the subsea cables transition to the onshore underground cables, minimising the impact to the surface and the Isle of Grain’s local environment.