Each year, ‘The NeuConnect Community Fund’ provides financial support to local projects and initiatives that will directly benefit the areas in which NeuConnect is being constructed and will operate – an annual UK fund is available to support projects in the village of the Isle of Grain and wider Medway region, with a separate Germany fund available to support projects in the city of Wilhelmshaven and Hooksiel.

What Projects NeuConnect is supporting

Benefits Such as:

The efficient use of energy, such as improvements to community buildings to make them more energy efficient.

The protection of the environment, such as improvements to local nature areas or open spaces

Promoting environmental matters, such as educational programmes or visits with local schools

Benefits Such as:

Providing important facilities or services for the local community

Creating education and employment opportunities for local people

Offering opportunities to support and promote the local area such as tourism and local businesses


NeuConnect will create a vital new link between the UK and Germany so ‘The NeuConnect Community Fund’ is keen to support any projects that encourage continued Anglo-German relations, such as student exchange visits or other cross-border collaborations

Together with the criteria above, all projects must be in accordance with local and national regulations. Projects should be non-political and non-profit, or able to demonstrate that NeuConnect funds will not be used for their own commercial gain.

How projects are selected

Funding proposals can also be submitted via the Community Fund application form here.

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    If you provide us with your contact details, we might also contact you to ask you more about the comments you’ve made.

    If you provide us with your contact details, we might also contact you to ask more about the comments you’ve made. Cavendish acts on behalf of NeuConnect to run public consultation activities.